Advocare training can come in many leadership styles, but the only training that matters for you is the training that gets results when it comes to sponsoring and increasing product volume. Being in business since 1993 is frankly quite an achievement in the networking industry. With that in mind you would think that the company has taken an innovative approach with independent business owners as the marketing knowledge and tactics since that time have expanded greatly. Unfortunately, here like in many other companies that’s not the case.

I’m often reminded in networking just like in many other types of businesses how slow some things are to change and the Advocare Training component is no different. With seasoned leadership at the company and a product line that focuses on a very profitable niche like weight loss with the Slimpact Bundle, sponsoring your friends, family, neighbors and relatives are still the promoted method of choice and I cringe when I hear this. I cringe for the poor souls that become lost in the network marketing mantra of embarrassing tactics, weak posture and losing battles. There are so many other opportunities that are being missed with this mindset.

Network marketing leadership isn’t about position, it’s about action and if you’re going to take action…take meaningful action. Action that gets results. Action that’s proven to work. Build a real business that has a foundation that would apply to building any network marketing business.

Your Advocare Training Should consist of:

1. Getting an endless supply of targeted leads for product sales and sponsoring.
2. Selling the benefits of the product and company, not the features.
3. Putting a marketing funnel system in place that does this in an automated way by leveraging the internet.
4. Position yourself through a blog and social media using proven strategies.
5. Rinse and repeat for other products or any business.

The benefit that Advocare training can have if done right is that the target market of overweight people is an emotional buy. If people need results (benefits not features), give them testimonials. If they try the product and use it properly, they’ll become a testimonial and a certain percentage will join the business. Leading with the product if it provides tangible results is a powerful way to build the business. In fact, those people will become advocates for the life changing results they got with the product.

What about other Advocare Training?

By having Advocare product users as advocates to increase your product volume and network marketers to build organizational stability and depth, you can solve the two biggest problems any network marketer faces.

Question: How do you grow your organization in the fastest way possible?

Answer: Sponsor other network marketers.

Question: How?

Answer: By learning the principles of Web 2.0 attraction marketing and social marketing on the internet to create a lead funnel system that generates scores of leads for you every single day.

The question is now: Do you want your Advocare business to flounder, just get by or thrive?

Yes, it takes time to learn about the process of leveraging the internet to build an Advocare business for long term growth. The fact is, there no better time to learn than right now because the tools and training available have never been better than they are right now. Get w

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