How To Succeed in Advocare Business

Advocare Business


If you get to the web or any other place where you can find and Advocare distributor, then you are probably going to stumble upon lots of information regarding the business out of which some may be true whereas others not.

If you want to become a successful Advocare distributor, finding the right sponsor is key. The person you join under can play a crucial role in determining how well you succeed or not. This individual will be your coach and help you learn all aspects of the business.
Keep in mind that your business is your responsibility and that you will be working the most, your coach’s task will only be to show you the guidelines to success.

What You Get If You Become an Advocare Distributor

The Advocare distributor’s kit comes with a number of benefits including the following:

1) As a distributor you get to buy merchandise at a discount starting at twenty percent off up to forty percent as an Advisor.

2) You earn a profit on wholesale commissions.

3) As a distributor, you are provided with a chance to advance to the Advisor level where there are more opportunities to make money.

4) You get a distributor kit which contains a full box of Advocare Slam, a full box of Advocare Spark, the Impact Magazine, a presentation guide, the Advocare product catalog, the Opportunity Brochure as well as the Solutions for Success DVD all at $79! Apart from all these great essentials, you also get your own Advocare site to help you order yourself as well as share with your audience.

How To Make the Most Out of This Business

If you wish to make the most money out of your investment, don’t just focus on distribution, being solely an Advocare distributor will not see you enjoy the most benefits. If you wish to have a profitable and successful Advocare business empire try to advance to the Advisor level. This will help you receive the full forty percent off sales and have more opportunities to make money.

Once you have enrolled as an Advocare distributor, decide how you wish to advance to the Advisor level. You can take advantage of the 30% discount off Advocare products costing $3000 and obtain them for only $2100 for yourself or for resale .If you sell these, you are going to make a thirty percent profit. The following pay period you will not only be an Advocare distributor but an Advisor as well. Alternatively you could accumulate $3000 in retail orders within 3 pay periods with a minimum of $500 retail order each pay period. A pay period is 2 weeks long meaning you will have six weeks to reach the $3000 in retail orders to advance from Advocare distributor to Advisor.

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Advocare as a Business

Advocare training can come in many leadership styles, but the only training that matters for you is the training that gets results when it comes to sponsoring and increasing product volume. Being in business since 1993 is frankly quite an achievement in the networking industry. With that in mind you would think that the company has taken an innovative approach with independent business owners as the marketing knowledge and tactics since that time have expanded greatly. Unfortunately, here like in many other companies that’s not the case.

I’m often reminded in networking just like in many other types of businesses how slow some things are to change and the Advocare Training component is no different. With seasoned leadership at the company and a product line that focuses on a very profitable niche like weight loss with the Slimpact Bundle, sponsoring your friends, family, neighbors and relatives are still the promoted method of choice and I cringe when I hear this. I cringe for the poor souls that become lost in the network marketing mantra of embarrassing tactics, weak posture and losing battles. There are so many other opportunities that are being missed with this mindset.

Network marketing leadership isn’t about position, it’s about action and if you’re going to take action…take meaningful action. Action that gets results. Action that’s proven to work. Build a real business that has a foundation that would apply to building any network marketing business.

advocare business

Your Advocare Training Should consist of:

1. Getting an endless supply of targeted leads for product sales and sponsoring.
2. Selling the benefits of the product and company, not the features.
3. Putting a marketing funnel system in place that does this in an automated way by leveraging the internet.
4. Position yourself through a blog and social media using proven strategies.
5. Rinse and repeat for other products or any business.

The benefit that Advocare training can have if done right is that the target market of overweight people is an emotional buy. If people need results (benefits not features), give them testimonials. If they try the product and use it properly, they’ll become a testimonial and a certain percentage will join the business. Leading with the product if it provides tangible results is a powerful way to build the business. In fact, those people will become advocates for the life changing results they got with the product.

What about other Advocare Training?

By having Advocare product users as advocates to increase your product volume and network marketers to build organizational stability and depth, you can solve the two biggest problems any network marketer faces.

Question: How do you grow your organization in the fastest way possible?

Answer: Sponsor other network marketers.

Question: How?

Answer: By learning the principles of Web 2.0 attraction marketing and social marketing on the internet to create a lead funnel system that generates scores of leads for you every single day.

The question is now: Do you want your Advocare business to flounder, just get by or thrive?

Yes, it takes time to learn about the process of leveraging the internet to build an Advocare business for long term growth. The fact is, there no better time to learn than right now because the tools and training available have never been better than they are right now. Get w

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Advocare weight loss

24 Day Challenge by AdvoCare – Things You Need to Know

Since a lot of people want to learn about the 24-Day Challenge by AdvoCare, we have written this short article about this interesting Advocare_24_Day_Challenge_Post_Card_shadowtopic. We will begin the article by talking about the cleansing phase, and the second part of the article will be about the max phase.

Cleansing Phase

Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks

You need to eat breakfast in the morning on a regular basis which should consist of fruits, and you can also include eggs or oatmeal. Water can also be included in your breakfast. Your lunch should be light consisting mostly of salad and complemented with some proteins. Water can also be included in your lunch. Eat snacks between dinner and lunch consisting of veggies and fruits. In addition, a Spark packet can be consumed to get some energy.


Your dinner should consist of four or six servings of Omegaplex along with veggies and fruits. Water can also be included in your dinner. Herbal cleanse tables should be also taken in before going to bed. Before moving on to the max phase, repeat the above instructions for the next ten days.

Max Phase

MNS and Spark

Drink an MNS and Spark packet before breakfast. Your breakfast should consist of either an MNS packet or a shake that replaces your meal. And then take another MNS packet right before lunch. Your snack should consist of rice, a can of tuna, fruits, veggies and eggs. Your lunch should consist of veggies and proteins, for instance, a chicken salad.

Snacks and Dinner

You should also eat a snack which should include proteins and a Spark. Your dinner should consist of the same meal of your lunch, and you can add in veggies and proteins. You must also repeat these steps for the next fourteen days.

We have talked about the 24-Day Challenge by AdvoCare and the things you need to do in order to get the most out of it. The result of the 24-Day Challenge by AdvoCare will depend upon the things you have done during those 24 days. In the cleansing phase, your breakfast should consist of fruits, but you can also add in egg and oatmeat. During the cleaning phase, your lunch should be light and complimented with proteins, which is something important to remember. You must also include Spark or MNS packets in the breakfast of the max phase as well. Taking in a snack at the right time is also useful in this 24 day challenge.

AdvoCare Products


AdvoCare is a company that is well stocked with products for wellness, health, weight loss and energy such as shakes for meal replacements, a variety of supplements, energy drinks and bars. This article is an AdvoCare product review that aims at enlightening people on the many benefits they bring.


The 24 Day Challenge

This challenge encourages customers to shed off extra weight by using these products religiously in 24 days only. It is safe to embark on and so far there have been many success stories of people who have lost many inches and pounds with a lot of ease. There is the cleansing phase and the Max phase. It is a good way to revamp the body system and clean out all the toxins that might have gathered due to unhealthy eating in the past. Going on any cleanse is always useful in flushing out of body toxins. One is guaranteed to come out feeling healthier, lighter and body functions are bound to be much better at the end of this 24 day period.

Spark Energy Drink

This is without doubt their most popular product that can’t miss to be on any AdvoCare Product Review. Drew Bees is the spokesperson for their products and he’s mostly associated with this energy drink. It enhances mental focus and energy that is long lasting throughout strenuous activities and the whole day. It is made up of many beneficial ingredients, an important one being caffeine. Caffeine is known to spike the energy levels in the body at any time and is used widely in the making of many energy drinks. Spark energy drink has no side effects at all and if it has any then nobody has ever made the point of reporting them. It is completely natural, harmless and is approved for human consumption. The ingredients in it are all in the right proportions and they all contribute in one way or another to the development and wellness of the body.

It boosts the level of activity and helps do away with energy slumps during the day. An AdvoCare product review has proven that it comes in a number of flavors these being cherry, citrus, mandarin orange, fruit punch and grape. These flavors taste good and they are meant for that consumer who would like a spike in their drink and not just plain caffeine. Spark has outdone itself and it is a favorite with many users this far. It has received positive reviews in many health and medical forums.